Our mission is to create fun, relaxing experiences and bring people together, one cup at a time. 

About me 

I'm Diana. I moved to Yuma in 2013 with my twins. I always dreamed of owning my own business, but couldn't decide what kind. At the end of 2022, it came to me when I saw a coffee shop for sale. After that, I knew my purpose was to start my own coffee business.

Before moving to Yuma, I was a barista for 6 years. I worked at coffee shops on my college campus, as well as various Starbucks locations in the San Fernando Valley and San Bernardino county in California. Since then, I've enjoyed making my own coffee and serving others in my home. Now, I want to bring that piece of home to you. I want people to experience a good cup of coffee, where the espresso is pulled just right. There's nothing like that first sip that warms your soul.

I started Grind & Unwind to serve the community of Yuma, AZ and surrounding areas. Whether you're grinding at work or on the dance floor, we are here to help you unwind and keep going. Set yourself apart and elevate your event with private coffee catering


Grind and Unwind can cater any type of event, but here are a few ideas.




Baby Shower

What do I offer?

When you book with us, you get a personal barista or two to carefully craft each drink and serve your guests, along with a mobile coffee cart that can be set up indoors or outdoors. Your coffee cart comes with a La Marzocco espresso machine and a quiet grinder to prevent any unwanted noise. Each shot of espresso is ground and brewed on demand. The espresso beans are carefully roasted in Phoenix, AZ, prior to your event to guarantee fresh coffee every time. Additionally, you can expect house-made syrups and mocha sauce, Monin brand syrups, milk alternatives, and non-caffeinated drink options. All you need to worry about is which drink you'd like to enjoy! 

Check out the sample menu below. Interested in customizing your menu? Let's work together to create a personalized experience. Reserve your spot today, and bring the coffee shop to you! 



Because each event is unique, a quote request must be submitted to get a customized estimate. Here is what you can expect with your package:

-2 to 3 hours of service (can add extra time)

-1 to 2 personal baristas, depending on size of event

-Unlimited drinks

-Setup and teardown

-Transportation (30 miles roundtrip; $1/mile after)

-Fresh espresso beans

-Sugars/creamer/stir sticks

-Choice of 2 syrup flavors: homemade or Monin

-Homemade chocolate sauce

-Personalized menu

-Hot/cold cups

-Hot/cold lids

-Whole/almond/oat milk


-Hot tea available upon request (no additional charge)

Contact me

Email: diana@grindandunwindcoffee.com

Phone: (928) 235-2073

Office hours: Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm*

*Events can be catered during and outside of office hours. Please be patient and give me 24 hours to respond. Quotes requested after 4pm on Friday will be answered the following Monday.